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The QC Rock Academy opened in December 2011 and has been teaching the Quad City area to rock since day one. Located in Davenport, right off of Kimberly Road, our instructors are busy every week with students young and old. We have some of the best instructors in the area with years of experience and expertise. Our academy has 12lesson rooms filled with the top of the line equipment, offering you or your child the best learning environment possible.

Join QC Rock Academy and experience our multi-level curriculum Rock 101 Classes. From playing techniques to stage presence; these classes will turn any basement player into a bona fide rock star!

We have lessons for guitar players, bass players, keyboard players, drummers and vocalists to help them unleash their inner rock star. All of our programs are available for ages 7 to adult.


Beginner, intermediate, advanced and even adult classes available. Join the QC Rock Academy now!


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