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A few times each year, as a student of the QC Rock Academy, you get the opportunity to meet some of your favorite stars. These events are a great way to show the students how their hard work with music can pay off in the future. This makes for a memory that will last a lifetime and and can really inspire the student to work harder love music even more!

Over the past few years, our students have had the chance to meet many famous bands and artists like KISS, Cheap Trick, The Beach Boys, Alice In Chains, Miranda Lambert, Old Dominion, Florida Georgia Line, 3 Doors Down, Shinedown, Matchbox Twenty, Heart, Everclear, Hunter Hayes, Phil Vassar, Alice Cooper's Band, Devil City Angels and more.

A typical meet and greet includes:

  • Meeting the band

  • Being there for the pre-show sound check

  • Q & A Session

  • Pictures with the band

  • Autographs

"These kids came and hung out with us today during sound check. We talked with these kids that are 8, 12, 15 years old and killing it on guitars, drums. We had a little question and answer session and their questions were more prolific and smarter than most questions from adults that we get! We loved meeting you guys!" 


-Rob Thomas, Matchbox Twenty, giving a shoutout to the QC Rock Academy kids during the concert that night!

" That's what giving back is to to me. We can go make music or be rockstars but, really, the influence you give somebody is the biggest payback because that's what keeps on going.That's what inspires other generations, and to think I have some impact like that - that's amazing!


-Rikki Rockett, drummer of Poison and Devil City Angels

Our students with Heart

Our students with KISS

Our students with Cheap Trick

Our students with 3 Doors Down

Our students with the Beach Boys

Our students with Alice in Chains

Our students with Florida Georgia Line

Our students with Shinedown

Our students with Alice Cooper's Band

Our students with Phil Vassar

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