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What is QC Rock Academy?

QC Rock Academy is the Quad Cities' premier music school, featuring lessons for guitar, drums, bass, piano and vocals. We also offer band performance classes and our KidzRock program for ages 4-7.

Where is QC Rock Academy located?


901 E. Kimberly Road, Suite #22 in Davenport, IA (In the Old Town Mall)

How do I sign up for lessons?


Email us at HERE or call 563-386-3044

Is there a registration fee to sign up for lessons?


Yes, there is a one-time, $30 registration fee for new students. New students will receive a QC Rock Academy t-shirt, stickers and more. Guitar students will have addition $15 fee for beginner books. 

What instruments do you teach at QC Rock Academy? 

We teach guitar, drums, bass guitar, piano, vocals and ukulele for ages 7 to adult. 

What age can my child start taking lessons?


We start all private lessons at age 7. Students younger than that often don't have the attention span and ability to do a practice routine. 



A non-refundable fee of $30 per student is required at the time of registration for all programs. In the event a student withdraws from the program and chooses to re-register within the same calendar year, another $30 registration fee will be required. For families with multiple children taking lessons, there will be a discounted fee of $15 for each child after the first paid in full.


Tuition is due at the first lesson of each month for 4 or 5 sessions depending on the number of weeks in the month. If you register after the first, the prorated amount for the remaining weeks is due upon registration. The following month you will be placed on the monthly billing cycle (first lesson of each month). Lesson payments are to be made to your instructor for the amount agreed upon.

Cancellations/Missed Lessons


All cancellations are to be made directly with your instructor. Since each instructor is individually contracted, they are responsible for their scheduling and make-ups.

Instructor Cancellations


Only in an emergency situation will an instructor cancel or reschedule a lesson. If an instructor is ill, or for any reason unable to work, you will be notified as soon as possible and the instructor will schedule a make-up lesson.

Lesson Program Withdrawal Policy


QC Rock Academy requires a minimum 30-day advance notice to discontinue lessons. If for example, you plan to discontinue/suspend lessons in March, then we will need to receive your notice by the first lesson in February. If no notice is given, the student/parent will be responsible for the next full month’s tuition, no exceptions.

Extended Absences 


If a student asks to take an entire month or summer off, such student's time slot may be reserved by paying for the time slot in full and in advance. QC Rock Academy does not recommend this, students lose so much progress during the hiatus. Nevertheless, the time slot will be considered open unless the full fee is paid to reserve the time slot.

Holiday and Summer Lesson Policies


QC Rock Academy will be closed on all major holidays (New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Years Eve) Lessons will take place through Spring break and Summer break.

Bad Weather Policy


Weather conditions may require QC Rock Academy to cancel lessons/classes. Cancellation guidelines will correspond with the information on school closings available from radio/TV in the area. It will be up to your instructor to schedule a possible make-up lesson.

General Rules and Regulations 


Students at QC Rock Academy are supervised by faculty and staff and are required to follow QC Rock Academy policies:

• No foul language or offensive clothing
• No fighting or bullying
• No smoking inside or outside the facility
• No drugs or alcohol

QC Rock Academy has a Zero Tolerance policy for any behavior that disrupts or derails a positive learning environment. Best behavior is required. QC Rock Academy is cannot be resppnsible for the damage or theft of student possessions. Please keep your belongings safe and secure. Students that do not adhere to these policies will be asked to leave the program and forfeit their tuition. No exceptions.

Liability and Disclaimer for QC Rock Academy

The teachers at QC Rock Academy are independent contractors, not QC Rock Academy employees. QC Rock Academy does not warrant or guarantee the suitability of a teacher for a student, does not warrant or guarantee results, and is not liable for any damages of any nature arising out of, or in connection with the actions or inactions of any music teacher.


Students hereby release QC Rock Academy from any claims for any loss, damage, or injury sustained while participating in any activities on the QC Rock Academy premises or other chosen lesson location.

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